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A recent statewide survey of Wisconsin voters conducted by the bipartisan research team of Public Opinion Strategies (R) and FM3 Research (D) demonstrates overwhelming public support for Congress to reauthorize and continue to fund LWCF. Support for reauthorization of LWCF extends across party lines, across the state, and with all key demographic sub-groups.

The desire to have continued federal investments in the Land and Water Conservation Fund is evident across all major segments of the electorate, including:

  • 91% of Democrats, 88% of independents, and 79% of Republicans;

  • 92% of moderates, 77% of conservatives, and 95% of liberals;

  • 88% of men and 85% of women;

  • 88% of voters of color, and 87% of whites;

  • 87% of urban voter, 90% of suburban voters, 89% of small town residents, and 82% of rural residents; and

  • 83% of voters in the Green Bay/Appleton media markets, 87% of voters in the Milwaukee media market, 91% of those in the Madison area, and 86% of those in the northern portions of the state.

Public Lands Surveys in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin

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Following Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s recommendation to President Trump that protections for national monuments be removed -- and certain national monuments in the West be diminished – Red America Blue America (RABA) Research­, at the direction of Wisconsin for Public Lands, conducted four statewide surveys of self-identified Trump voters to gauge their reactions.

In all four of the states -- Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – an overwhelming majority of Trump voters opposed potential rollbacks of these public land protections and designations. In fact, large majorities in each state recommended President Trump instead create new national monuments or leave monuments as they are today.

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Wisconsin survey results

Michigan survey results

Ohio survey results

Pennsylvania survey results